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The 16th Program of the Party Lecture Opens


The   sixteenth   program   of   the   Party   lecture   opens   on


October 12th, 2011, which is held by Leifeng League,an party               2011 10 12 ,文法學院黨總支雷鋒連


affairs section in the School of Humanities and Law(SHL). This     召開了第十六期黨課動員大會。大會的召開旨在


program    aims     to     deepen     the     party     member     appliers’    加深入黨積極分子對黨課培訓重要性的理解,增


understanding of its importance and thus to raise their awareness    強自律意識,以更好地完成黨課學習。


of self-discipline.                                                                                                      大會伊始,雷鋒連指導老師霍拴柱對新一期


At  the   beginning,   Huo   Shuanzhu,   the   Instructor  of   the    黨課啟動進行了動員,并宣讀了本期黨課的課程


Leifeng League announced the opening and arrangement of the       安排,要求參加黨課的同學認真學習黨課,做好


training.  He  puts  forward the  requirement  of  the  study.  The    課堂筆記、認真完成課后總結等。本次黨課培訓


students who will participate in this training course are expected     內容包括:黨的歷史、章程、路線、原則和重要


to listen to the class carefully, take notes and summary for the         理論、文件。


lectures. The program will cover the constitution, guidelines of                最后,劉鵬飛書記對此次黨課動員大會進行


the   Communist   Party   of   China(CPC)   and    other   important    了總結,并提出了期望。他鼓勵同學們學習上求


theories and documents of the party.                                                         上進,工作上講奉獻,生活上做表率,以便能夠


Liu Pengfei, Deputy Party Secretary of the SHL, gives a            更好地服務于人民,早日成為中國共產黨光榮的


conclusive speech, giving his hopes for the volunteer learners: to    一員!


pursue the great truth in knowledge, to devote themselves to                     黨課是入黨積極分子了解和學習黨的優秀


hard work, to act as an integrated person in life, and to serve the    傳統與先進思想的重要方式。接受黨課的思想教


people at any time and only by doing that can they have the             育,了解黨的基本路線和方針政策,精神內涵及


chance to become a qualified member of the CPC.                               其先進性,是每一位參加黨課學習學員的學習目


Party  lecture  is  a  necessity  for  the  Communist  Party  to    標。


educate those who yearn to join in the Party. It is essential for                                      


students  to  learn  the  history,  policies,  and  the  theories,  the                                  

essence of spirit and the advanced qualities of the Party.                                                


全球聚焦 Global Focus


Economist: Obituary of Steve Jobs 《經濟學人》:悼念喬布斯


蘋果公司前首席執行官史蒂夫·喬布斯于 2011 10 6 日離世,享年 56 歲,震驚全球。蘋果官網發表悼詞


Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.




NOBODY else in the computer industry, or any other industry              在計算機行業或相關的行業中,喬布斯無


for that matter, could put on a show like Steve Jobs.                                 可超越。


He had been among the first, back in the 1970s, to see the                      追溯到二十世紀七十年代,他是最早想把


potential  that  lay  in  the  idea  of  selling  computers  to  ordinary     電腦銷售給普通百姓的人。在黑白顯示器盛行


people. In those days of green-on-black displays, when floppy discs    的年代,軟盤始終不太景氣,電腦迅速普及的


were still floppy, the notion that computers might soon become            想法簡直是天方夜譚。但是,喬布斯就是少數


ubiquitous seemed fanciful. But Mr. Jobs was one of a handful of        先驅者中的一員,他預示了新時代的到來。尤


pioneers who saw what was coming. Crucially, he also had an               為重要的是,他具有超乎尋常的洞察力,能從


unusual knack for looking at computers from the outside, as a user.     用戶角度出發重視外觀。


In retrospect, Mr. Jobs was a man ahead of his time during his              回想起來,第一次在蘋果公司任職期間,


first stint at Apple. Computing’s early years were dominated by           喬布斯就遠遠超越了他的那個時代。電腦早期


technical types. But his emphasis on design and ease of use gave           主要依賴技術,但他始終強調外觀設計、使用


him the edge later on. Elegance, simplicity and an understanding of    便捷,這使他獨領風騷。美觀、簡約和多功能


other fields came to matter in a world in which computers are               使電腦成為人們爭相購買的時尚商品。喬布斯


fashion  items,   carried   by  everyone. “Technology  alone  is   not     曾說:技術只有與藝術和人性結合,才能創


enough,” said Mr. Jobs, “It’s technology married with liberal arts,       造出令人心動的和弦。這就是典型的史蒂


married with humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts    ·喬布斯。


sing.” It was vintage Steve Jobs.                                                                                  重視細節是喬布斯的跨學科方法的精


His interdisciplinary approach was backed up by an obsessive       髓。他認為:一個木匠要制作一個優質的抽屜


attention to detail. A carpenter making a fine chest of drawers will      絕不會在后部使用膠合板,盡管沒有人會看到


not use plywood on the back, even though nobody will see it, he          它。你要想晚上睡得安穩,必須始終把美感


said. “For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has       和質量放在首位。他堅持不在第一代蘋果機


to  be  carried  all  the  way  through.”  He  insisted  that  the  first      內部安裝冷卻風扇,這才誕生了無聲電腦——


Macintosh should have no internal cooling fan, so that it would be       客戶需求高于工程設計的便利。他在一個周末


silent—putting   user   needs   above   engineering   convenience.   He     十萬火急地給一個蘋果工程師打電話:蘋果手


called an Apple engineer one weekend with an urgent request: the        機屏幕上的一個字母的色度不夠。他經常親自


color of one letter of an on-screen logo on the iPhone was not quite    撰寫或修改蘋果廣告的腳本。


the right shade of yellow. He often wrote or rewrote the text of                     盡管喬布斯在舞臺上給我們一種禪宗潛


Apple’s advertisements himself.                                                                       修者的表象,其實他是一個急脾氣的獨斷專行

 His on-stage persona as a Zen-like mystic notwithstanding, Mr.  的管理者。但是他的專制在很大程度上是合乎

Jobs was an autocratic manager with a fierce temper. But his 情理的。他說:很多時候,你別指望人們清

egomania was largely justified. “A lot of times, people don’t know 楚他們想要什么,除非你直接展示給他們看。

what they want until you show it to them,” he said. His judgment 他的決斷出奇得正確?v觀他的職業生涯中的

proved uncannily accurate: by the end of his career the hits far 所有決斷,成功遠遠超過了失誤。他的確實現

outweighed the misses. The man who said in his youth that he 了年輕時的誓言:在全世界一展身手。ㄗg自


wanted to “put a ding in the universe” did just that.









英語之星 English Star


The Prince of Music


The School of Humanities and Law, as the name indicates, is


a blossoming and prosperous department with humanitarian and


entertaining atmosphere. There are people with unusual talents


among them, and one of them is Li Sheng—the prince of music.


The following interview can give us a better understanding of him.


Li Sheng is capable of performing on the stage confidently


and in a brilliant way. Fully committed to his music, he has the


power to bring the show to a climax. He made his first debut at a


competition for talents in dancing, singing and playing instrument.


Now he has staged performances on campus over 40 times. The


rich performing experience, plus his long pursuit of music, must


have been added up to his deeper understanding of music. Despite


the honor and fame that he has won on campus and off campus, he


still keeps a low profile. During the interview, he emphasizes the


importance of unity and cooperation for a man. He also adds that


honesty and maturity counts more to a man.


What touches me most is his understanding about friendship.


He  says  that  it  is  friends  that  get  him through  almost  all  the


difficulties during his pursuit of music. To Li Sheng, friends and


music go hand in hand and they last forever. It is his friends who


encourage him to follow  music and to challenge himself. The


musical piece Let’s Go, composed by Li and his friends, got great


success on the internet, from which we can easily see the talents


and the power of friendship among them. It is not exaggerating to


say that Let’s Go is the best embodiment of friendship and youth


for Li.


Music is definitely what makes Li Sheng stand out among his


peers. But we are glad to hear that there is more to Li Sheng than


that.  He  attaches  great  importance  to  academic  skills  as  well,


claiming that such skills are vital in obtaining a job. But you need


to cultivate good learning habits and take it step by step. His social


work  in  Students’  Union  has  helped  him  to  develop  good


organizational abilities. He has mapped out a plan for the future,


hoping  to  get  involved  in  cross-cultural  communication  or


ceremonial jobs.




話劇新編 New Edition   編者按:本文改編自英國文豪莎士比亞的經典文學作品《羅密歐與朱麗葉》。

Romeo and Juliet


The story of Romeo and Juliet has been told for hundreds of years. But today we will present you a brand new edition.

Personage Romeo    Juliet             Montague Romeo’s                             father   Capulet   (Juliet’s       father


Benvolio(Romeo’s best friend)     Paris(Juliet’s fiance)      Friar Laurence     Drug seller


Act.1 Prologue


Narrator (N): Thirty years ago, in a beautiful city Verona, there were two good friends Montague and Capulet. They ate

together, played together, and regarded each other as brothers. However, one day, everything changed…


Montague (M): Dear Capulet, look, what’s that on the




Capulet (C): Oh, Dear Montague, it’s 100 yuan! How lucky! I was thinking of buying a new house, and the money is what I need.


M: Stop! I am the first one to see it, it’s mine.


C: But I really need it, I’m going to marry Lily, but her mother won’t give me her daughter unless I have a house.


M: You are so selfish, I also need the money to buy an iPhone, it’s mine!(music 蒙太古推凱普萊特)


CIt’s mine! (凱普萊特推蒙太古,兩人對打)


M:  OK, we are end. Next time I see you, I’ll pay it back!


C:  I wish I had never met you!(舉起錢貪婪審視)Today,


I’m so lucky. (得意地)


N:   After that, two good friends became enemies. Their hatred lasted for thirty years and became a serious social problem in Verona.


Act.2 At The Ball


N:   Capulet’s daughter, Juliet, was a beautiful, elegant lady. At the ball, she met Romeo, Montague’s son.


Benvolio (B): Romeo, why are you so sad? The day is still young, a party is about to come. At Capulet’s, a feast will be

held, with wine and beauties, singing and dancing----Let’s go there and have some fun!

Romeo (R)All right.


B:   (music 朱麗葉含羞進場,小扇遮面)Hey Romeo, look! What a beautiful girl! I know her name is Juliet,


Capulet’s only daughter. Don’t you think she’s lovely?


RWhere?Where? Wow! She is so beautiful! Did my heart love till now? For swear it, sight, for I never saw the true beauty till this night! (羅抓住朱的手)


Juliet (J): Oh my God! (驚訝,羞澀)


R: Sorry, I know I’m impolite, but I can’t control myself.


You are so lovely! (二人深情對望,慢慢轉圈)


J: Nine o’clock at the balcony, I’ll be waiting for you!


R: Okay, be there or be square!


Act. 3 At the Balcony


N: When night falls, Romeo tiptoed into Capulet’s garden. There he saw his sweetheart lover, Juliet.


J: Romeo, why are you Romeo? Deny your father and refuse your name. You are not my enemy if you are not Montague. Forget your

name, and swear to be my lover, and I will give my heart, my love and my faith to you.


R: If you don’t like it, I’m not Romeo or Montague any more. You are the true love of mine!


J: It is only your name that is my enemy. You are yourself, even if you were not a Montague. What’s a Montague?

It is not a hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face. Oh, have some other name, Romeo. Take off your name, and take all of me.


R: I take you at your word. Only call me love and I’ll be baptized again. From now on, I’ll never be Romeo.


J: Who take you here?


R: It’s love. Love gives me the eye to find you even if you are thousand miles away, Juliet.


J: Do you love me? You must say “Yes”, and I believe you. Oh Romeo, if you love me, please swear to me. R: I swear I love you.


J: What a beautiful night! I hope it’s not a dream. Will you be gone? I hope you can stay longer, But If my kinsmen see

you, they will murder you.


R: Come, death, and welcome! If you don’t want me to leave! If you could look at me gently, I could face all the arrows

and spears! I would rather have my life ended by their hate, than put death off by forgetting your love.


J: Good night!


R: Good night!


J: Parting is such sweet sorrow that I could say goodnight until the morrow.



Act.4 Wedding


N: Let’s welcome the bride and groom! (music)


Friar: Romeo, will you give yourself to Juliet, to be her husband, to live with

her according to God’s word? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and protect her,

be faithful to her, so long as you both shall live?


R: I will.


Friar: Juliet, will you give yourself to Romeo, to be his wife, to live with him according to God’s

word? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and protect him, be faithful to him so long as you both shall live?


J: I will.


Friar: In the name of God, I declare them to be husband and wife. What God has joined together,

let no one separate. (劃十字,阿彌陀佛)


ParisP: (大門被踢開,帕里斯闖入)Stop! She is my Fiancée! (指向朱麗葉)Juliet, my lady

and my wife, have you told the Friar that you love me?


R: What?


Friar: Do you love him?


Juliet: I’ve never seen him before.


Paris: We haven’t talked about love, but our marriage will surely make you happy!


B: Stop dreaming,your idiot! Juliet is my friend’s wife!


No one can break their love because I am here! (兩人械斗,帕里斯用刀子刺入班伏里奧胸膛)


BOh! I’m dead! (music 悲戚地,先捂著胸口慢慢




Romeo: Oh no! My dear friend! (怒吼)


P: Come with me, you are my wife!


J: No, no, Romeo…。ū慌晾锼棺ё撸


R: Julie, Juliet…!


B:(倒在羅密歐懷里,二人握手垂淚)After I died, please take care of my uncle and his nephew,

and don’t forget my little cat, she only eats fish and egg. Please don’t put pepper while cooking the fish,

she doesn’t like it. And remember… (被羅密歐打斷)

R: Please close your eyes, OK? You speak too much! (


耐煩地)(班伏里奧垂頭,over music


Act. 5 Poison


N: Mr. and Mrs. Capulet forced Juliet to marry Paris. In order to escape the marriage, Juliet took the

medicine and pretended to be dead. And then she laid in the grave,

waiting for Romeo to come back. But Romeo thought Juliet was dead and decided to commit suicide. So

he went to the drug seller’s house to buy poison.


SellerLook, look, look, what do we have? A little noble guest, with his blue eyes tortured by doom.

May I help you, your highness? (摘帽,優雅鞠躬)


R: The damned Paris has brought my wife Juliet away, but she chose to commit suicide just for protecting

our true love. As Juliet has gone, I also have nothing to linger. Please give me the poison, and I’ll end all the misery.


Seller: Then I have a good thing for you. Look at this bottle, just one pill and you will forget everything. This kind

of poison comes from ancient China, and it has a beautiful Chinese name, ~~~~丸。(舉起瓶子,



R:  That suits me very much, thank you, thank you…


Juliet, I’m coming!


Seller: Medicine gone, money none. Money, money, you haven’t paid the money…!!


Act.6 Death


R: (傾情演唱《你快回來》……Oh my love! Death has kissed you, but you are still beautiful. He keeps

you here as his lover, but I’ll also stay here. Eyes, looking at you last. Here, I’ll set up my everlasting rest. Let me be with you. (飲下毒藥,倒下)


N: Then Romeo died. After a while, Juliet woke up and found her lover dead. Her heart was broken.


J: Romeo? Romeo? (推羅密歐)Oh, my God! (,抽泣) Is that poison which has been your end? You drank all,

and left no drop for me. My darling, I can’t live longer without you. In your arms, I die. It is such a bless, for we will be together, in everlasting peace.

(朱麗葉割腕, 倒下。之后二人起,梁;Music)


N: And then, they live a happy life in the heaven…


Three days after their death, Montague came to their tomb. There he met Capulet.(蒙太古與凱普萊特登場,




C: Poor Romeo and Juliet, poor sacrifice of our hatred! A glooming peace this morning with it brings.


M:   Everyone in Verona will know their love story. The sun of sorrow will not show it’s sad!


N:   Finally, Verona came back to peace again. Fight and hatred disappeared, only love and friendship left.









激揚文采 Private Talent

本文是第 17 屆中國日報全國英語演講比賽河北地市級選拔賽特等獎參賽演講稿










Cultural Integration and Diversity


Backbone of Development



Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good evening.


When  you  are  sitting  in  Starbuck  and  tasting  a  nice cup  of


coffee,  someone  is  using  chopsticks  clumsily  and  attracted  by


Chinese  meals;  When  you  are  shocked  by  grand  Sydney  Opera


House, someone is stepping on the Great Wall and reveling in its


beauty;  When  I  am  standing  here  and  expressing  my  feeling  in


English, the 10th “Chinese Bridge” College Students Competition is


going to an end. In our daily life, cultural diversity and integration


appears everywhere, whether in the past, at present or in the future.


Today we are here to discuss the way of cultural development.


First of all, let me give my personal definition of it. According to the


history,  I  consider  that  cultural  development  is  the  inheritage  of


knowledge  and  customs.  During  the  process,  people  of  different


cultures study and affect each other and gradually strengthen their


own cultures. It seems that cultural integration has become a constant


fact from ancient times till now. When Japanese cartoon and Chinese


Kungfu won applause all over the world, people think that, well,


American popular culture has run into a strong competitor. Soon after


that, Americans produced a famous movie “Kungfu Panda”. This


blockbuster movie which combines cartoon and Kungfu belongs to


the United States. It proves that the U.S is like a magic sponge, it


absorb  external  forces  and  enrich  them.  Except  for  this,  one  of


Chinese major religions Buddism also comes from Indian Buddism


thousands years ago.


Therefore, we draw a conclusion that Cultural prosperity cannot


live  without  integration , while  integration  cannot  live  without


diversity.  It  is  the  difference  between  cultures  that  result  in  an


affluent treasure house and induce people's inspirations. Diversity


brings us a colorful world. Like stars in the night sky, only when they


twinkle together can we enjoy the bright spectacle, like flowers in


early spring, only when they come into bloom competitively can we


smell the fragrances.


With economic globalization, culture has become the backbone


of human civilization. In China, cultural diversity and integration are


also the key words for keeping our maintenance and liveliness. Their


relationship should be coexisted rather than opposite. Along this road


Chinese culture will surely have a bright future. Thank you!






前天接到吳仲元導員的電話,讓我寫寫大學畢業以來的工作感想。說實話,接到這個任務真是受寵若驚,作為一個并不優秀的北院第一屆畢業生我并沒有什么資本賣弄炫耀,但是自 2009 年畢業至今畢竟已有兩年多的時間了,說沒有一點感想那也是假的,在此我跟學弟學妹們分享一下,也算是對母校一個階段性的交代。


我叫郭偉,英語 0503 班畢業生,現在北京中咨律師事務所做一名翻譯(也在某培訓機構兼職英語教師)。先從我的第一次面試說起:2009 年初,即將畢業的我放棄了考研選擇了就業,學校當時有一個招聘會,我懷著復雜的心情參加并且小心翼翼的投了幾份簡歷(自信心嚴重不足)。不久就收到一家培訓學校的面試通


知,當時就是興奮,什么也沒準備就直接上二路車踏上了不歸路。當時是集體面試,大家都坐在一個會議室里,考官讓大家輪流作自我介紹。了解我的人都知道,我這個人很怯場,有時跟老師同學聊天都會臉紅(這點徐鑫老師深有感觸)。結果可想而知,當時首輪面試滿屋子的人只淘汰了三個人,其中就有我一個,那是的心情你們可想而知,于是我一個人花了一個小時時間從面試單位走回了學校。通過這件事我明白了一個簡單的自我介紹有多么重要,所以我就精心準備了一份中英文的自我介紹,背的滾瓜爛熟,這是我日后找到工作的重要保障。在這里我要提醒各位學弟學妹們的是:大家千萬不要小看自我介紹,一個完美的自我介紹是 HR





大學畢業后我選擇留在北京。起初跟同學合租房子,因為自己手頭的敲門磚并不多,面試時跟競爭對手一比較就沒有自信,幾乎看不到贏的可能(事實證明這些完全沒有必要)。每次面試前都做好了失敗的準備(我們英語專業的男生們絕大部分都是這種心理,所以每當一次面試失敗后大家顯得還挺淡定的,這是實話)。我想與其這樣不如豁出去,把自己最完美的一面展示出來,最終順利拿到事務所的 offer。






每當畢業季,我都會帶上相機回到母?纯,拜訪一下老師們,還有宿管大爺,也會去一食堂二食堂吃頓飯,到當年自己經常上課上自習的 C 座,M 樓去坐坐?匆妼W弟學妹們匆匆忙忙上課下課時的場景,我就會回想當年上課的情景、跟死黨們組隊打 dota 的時刻。真的,特別想回到大學時代,如果再來一次,我一定不讓自己留下遺憾,沒有比大學更幸福的歲月了。今年畢業季,我斗膽敲開了英語專業教研室的門,跟徐鑫、趙波老師好好聊了聊,二位老師總是說 05 級當時的教學條件、師資力量太薄弱,對不住我們 05 級英語專業的學生。聽到這里,我的內心有些酸楚,我們當時的確埋怨過這個地方,但這不恰恰說明我們深深地愛著這個校園嗎?回想起來,當年對于學校的種種不滿,如今都已經轉變為感激和不舍,F在,我們 05 級的很多同學在北京的證劵、金融、教育、文化、旅游等行業都闖出自己的一片小天地,這與英語專業老師們的嚴格管理和諄諄教誨是離不開的。


如今北院每天都在變化。當我回到這里時,看著學校越來越好的教學設備,越來越優秀的師資力量,心中總是充滿無限羨慕和憧憬。希望北院的學弟學妹們珍惜眼前擁有的一切,在這個廣闊的平臺上不斷釋放青春展示才華。最后祝北院明天會更好,祝學弟學妹們前程似錦。我們 05 級英語專業的全體同學與你們同在。


美文鑒賞 Literature


How to Stop Worrying


and Start Living


How to stop worrying and start living is a self-help book by Dale Carnegie. The book's goal is to lead the readers to a more enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle, helping them and their friends around to become more confident. Carnegie tries to address the everyday nuances of living, in order to get the readers to focus on the more important aspects of life.


This book gives simple ideas which can make a difference in our lives. Indeed it is good, positive and powerful ideas which help us to overcome the difficulties and face the problems bravely.


“The most important thing is not to think about the vague things in the future, but to make the things clear at your hand.”


Most of the illnesses as well as stress and depression are the result of worries.


Carnegie lists three steps for us to stop worrying. First, write down the problem and what the worst possible outcome is; second, think of what your options are in that situation; third, start to focus on how you can improve upon this worst-case scenario. From now on you can focus on solutions. That is what it is all about,and there is no need to worry any longer.


Sometimes we have to accept the worst situations without complaints, just like the willows bear rain drops, water suits all containers, so do we human beings. .


Carnegie says we can stop worrying because worry comes from ourselves, from our thoughts, actions and attitude. It is enough that we take care of our thoughts and attitude, thus we can stop worrying.


Once you stop worrying, you start living. The life without worries is the real life. Once you stop worrying, then you become open to the real life, the life of happiness, the life of joy.